cockpit and cabin procedure trainers
Germany: For the time being the German LBA does not validate level 6 assessments.
About the test
The online test is based upon ICAO Doc 9835, the EU Directive 2006/23/EC and the Danish BL 6-08.
You will perform in a work related interview by answering pre-recorded questions and simulated ATC read back in English language.
The requirement for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test is applicable to all ICAO member states.
What you do:
The test is in three parts:
1. You will be presented with three on screen pictures randomly selected from our database, all showing aviation themes. Use as many words as possible to describe what you see.
Example: Deicing of boeing 747 Air Force One
2. Answer the questions generated by the online interface. You will be asked a number of different questions by the "virtual interviewer". You can listen to the question after you start your recording. You can listen to the question one more time by clicking "Play again". It is important that you answer with long sentences and NOT only "Yes" or "No" or very short sentences. Remember, it is your language skills that will be evaluated and not the content of what you say.
3. Perform a simulated ATC communication with read back on the basis of the scenario created in the online module of the test. That will enable us to assess your English language skills. Your answers will be recorded and later assessed by an Authorized Language Assessor.
What we do:
We assess your answers and rate you according to the ICAO standard. Then we fill out the CAA form for renewal of your Language Rating.
All our Language Assessors are level 6.
Your results will be emailed to you – all you need to do is sign it and send it to the CAA for a new language rating.
Customer statement
"This is a real perfect tool....THX" Cedric, Manager Flight Operations, Switzerland
"It is a great system that you have set up and it has solved a very big headache for me."
Sergio Novelli