cockpit and cabin procedure trainers
Germany: For the time being the German LBA does not validate level 6 assessments.
About us
Aviation eLearning is an organization registered in and operated from Denmark. Denmark is part of the EU and Denmark has signed JAA FCL Amendment 7 (for fixed wing) and Amendment 4 (for rotor wing).
Aviation professionals have founded the company and developed the unique Language Proficiency Test Platform online.
We are aviation professionals with a solid aviation background covering training, selection, examination, line training, PC/OPC, simulator skills and IT development and support. For more than 22 years, we have been in the aviation industry and involved with training and testing for 20 years. We are still active pilots and founded the company to offer language testing to a broader pilot/ATC/mechanic audience.
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Steen Bach Sandal Founder
Ole Wind Andersen Founder