cockpit and cabin procedure trainers
Germany: For the time being the German LBA does not validate level 6 assessments.
How to make a successful test.
We have created a small "guide" that should help you make a successful test:
1. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
2. Make sure you are facing the web cam from a distance of approximately 50-80 cm, and that your face is clearly visible. Make sure your internet connection is broadband.
3. Do not wear any sunglasses, caps or other headwear that will prevent our assessor from positively identifying you as the person in the or other official identification document photo.
4. Make sure you are in a quiet location and that you are alone in the room. Switch off any radio, MP3 or TV set in the room. There cannot be other people in the room when you perform the test.
5. Avoid very short or "Yes" and "No" answers. We have designed open, work related questions. Just answer these questions as if you were talking to a person in front of you. Give a full and rich answer by using as many words as you can; the more words you use, the higher the test quality is likely to get.
6. If you want to hear a question again, click on the "Play again" button. This will not affect your grade.
7. Just relax and pretend you are talking to another person in front of you on the other side of the screen.
8. We are not testing your knowledge, but we do test your understanding of a question. If you get a question where you are not sure you know the correct answer, simply answer to the best of your knowledge. Example: Let us say you are to explain the difference between Vx and Vy. We do expect that you talk about climb gradients or that you explain why you don't remember this, if that is the case.
9. You will get 10 randomly selected, work related questions and a simulated flight from A to B, where you have to read back the approximately 25 ATC clearances of which some are taxi clearances and others are only a flight level. As in real life, it is recommended that you have a pen and a piece of paper ready to take notes for the ATC clearances.
10. Don't worry if you think you have failed to answer a question or an ATC read back. We are using all your answers and read backs to evaluate your proficiency and one failed or short answered question will not necessarily affect your grade.
11. We encourage you to review the latest information on standard phraseology. It can be found on various sites on the internet.
We would like to emphasize one aspect of correct phraseology, though: The use of the word "CLEARED".
To prevent possible misunderstandings, the word "CLEARED" should only be used for:
      -    Takeoff and Landing clearance
      -    Approach clearance
      -    Airway / En route clearance
"CLEARED" should not be used for crossing of runways, taxi instructions, descent and climb but be limited to the three clearance types above.