cockpit and cabin procedure trainers
Germany: For the time being the German LBA does not validate level 6 assessments.
PPL/VFR Language Test
Our newly developed PPL/VFR test:
Great effort has been made to tailor a relevant PPL/VFR test. After several requests from PPL/VFR pilots, we have designed a special VFR test. The test is tailored to the VFR pilot, but comprises the same elements as our IFR test.
1. You will be asked to describe three pictures shown on the screen.
2. There will be 10 “general VFR/PPL” questions, all relevant to the average Private Pilot.
3. You perform a simulated ATC communication with read back on the basis of the scenario created in the online module of the test. The simulated communication consists of a flight from Departure to Destination; the flight simulates a VFR flight from one airport to another airport.
These flights are relevant to all PPL/VFR pilots.