1st of September: Live online interview is now included in the test. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the holistic descriptors and grading scale?

Click here to read about the holistic descriptors and the grading scale.

How do I resume operational status after a non-operational score (below 4)?
First of all, you contact your local Civil Aviation Authority for guidance. In most cases, you must enroll in an English Language course and later perform a new Language Proficiency test.
What happens if I answer a question wrong?
The assessor will assess your English language skills, not your theoretical knowledge. So, it should not cause any concern. One thing to remember, however, is that the assessor will assess your “comprehension” (one of the holistic descriptors, see above). If your comprehension is showing a lack of skills, it could influence your test.
What happens if another person, or my dog, enters the room during my test?
The assessor will determine if a disturbance has any negative effect on the assessment. If this is the case, you will be asked to perform the test again without any additional charge. However, you can only do this once.
I understand everything people tell me in English, but I have a hard time with the English language, what do I do?
You have to train your English language skills. Understanding what people tell you is only one aspect of the language test – you also have to be able to communicate in verbal language.
When and how will I receive my assessment?
We strive to have your results ready within 2 working days after completing the live online video interview. You will receive an email with a diploma to present to your local CAA for acceptance of your Language Rating.
How safe is my payment?
We do our utmost to protect your data and money transfer, which is why we use a major provider to handle the credit card payment. Therefore, the transaction is as safe as on many other major sites. Our bank is international and experienced in handling credit card payments. We do not store your credit card information.
Why do you need a picture of my passport or other official identification document and what do you do with it?

We need a scanned copy of your passport or other official identification document to verify the identity of the person taking the test.

Can I log out and continue my test later?

Yes – you simply use your user ID and password to log in again and the test will continue from your last answered question.

What do you do with my data and recordings once I have finished my assessment?
Graded test data is required by the authorities to be stored for 6 years and is then deleted. The recordings are deleted after 90 days.
Exactly what is evaluated and who assesses my language skills?
Proficient speakers should be able to:
  1. communicate effectively in both voice-only (telephone/radiotelephone) and face-to-face situations;
  2. communicate about common, concrete and work-related topics with accuracy and clarity;
  3. use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognize and resolve misunderstandings (e.g. to check, confirm or clarify information) in a general or work-related context;
  4. handle successfully and with relative ease the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or unexpected turn of events that occurs within the context of an otherwise familiar routine work situation or communicative task; and
  5. use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community.
Your Language Test is assessed by a certified and authorized Language Assessor, licensed under the Danish rules laid out in BL 6-08.
What do I do once I have completed the test?

When you have completed the test, you will schedule a live online video interview with one of our assessors. After the interview, the assessor will assess your test within 2 working days; once this is completed, a verification of your Language Assessment grade will be sent to you by email.

Can I take the test on my phone/tablet?

No, you need to use a computer. We are working on a support for mobile devices and expect to release an update by the end of 2020. You can however use most modern smartphones and tablets for the live online video interview part of the test.

I cannot hear the audio question. What should I do?

Make sure that that you are using the latest version of your web browser. We recommed using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari to take the test. If you are experiencing issues with one of the browsers, please switch to a differnet one and try again. It’s alright to miss one of the questions due to technical reasons. However, if you are experiencing continuous audio playback issues please get in touch with us.

I have accidentally skipped/missed a question. Do I need to retake the test?

It is alright if you by accident skip a question. You will be assessed based on your answers from the other questions.