ICAO English Test
Preparation Course

Coming soon!

Due to high demand for preparation materials, we’re excited to launch a course designed to help you achieve the best possible rating in your English skills.

Our course covers everything from basic knowledge of the ICAO English proficiency test to strategies for excelling in all parts of the test.

Course Highlights:

Test Insights

Understand the essentials of the ICAO English proficiency test and the Rating Scale.

Strategies for Success

Discover the best ways to do well in the test, improve your speaking and understanding.

Improve All Around

Work on getting better in all areas the test looks at, using both old and new ways of learning.

Hands-On Practice

Apply what you’ve learned with practical tasks similar to those in the test.
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Who is this course for?

The ICAO English test preparation course is for applicants who want to do their best on the test. It helps you get familiar with the test format, so you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected questions. This allows you to concentrate on showcasing your skills. While the course can’t promise improved performance, it’s likely to help.

What this course won’t do for you?

The course doesn’t improve your English. Think of it like polishing a car: it enhances what you already have but doesn’t replace the car with a better one. If you’re looking to improve your basic English skills, you’ll need a different course. However, if your skills are already good, this course can help you perform better on our test and significantly increase your chances of advancing to a higher level.


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