Video call

What should I expect on the video call?

The language assessor will ask a series of questions related to the briefing package and to your role in aviation. You will not be asked any complicated technical questions and you will not be tested in knowledge. Duration of the live interview will be approximately 15 minutes.

How can I schedule the video call?

Once you finish the automated parts, you will be asked to schedule the appointment for video call. After that, you will receive an email confirmation with the date and time of the appoitnment, and a link to foin the video call. You can also see the date, time and link to the video call in “My Tests” page on

How do I connect to the video call?

To join the video call, follow the URL, enter your name, press “Knock”, and wait for the assessor to let you in.

What are the technical requirements?

A stable internet connection that supports video calls is required. The video interview can be performed from either a mobile device with a forward-facing camera or a computer/laptop with a webcam. If you are experiencing problems, please follow this link.